No Church Answers! began as an Adult Bible Fellowship, that is, a Sunday School class, at Sugar Land Baptist Church in Sugar Land, Texas. Known then as Tool Time, it was taught by John Cates, the renowned Christian therapist and founder of Lifeway International.

In 2012, Cates faced surgery and Bill Cox offered to take over the class. A former pig farmer from Dowagiac, Mich., no doubt aware he was filling the shoes of a popular Baptist personality, Bill borrowed a mirror from his wife, determined to give that first lesson even if the only person there was the reflection in the mirror. As it turned out, Michael Cropper, who would become a podcast regular, showed up on Day 1.

Names are important. Bill felt that way about this class. To honor John Cates, who has a comforting spirit, an incredible story, and is an even better guy, Bill retired the Tool Time and re-Christened the class Man Up: A Spiritual Oasis For Men.

The name change also reflected Bill’s own talents as a producer, actor, DJ and speaker. Man Up’s focus was on ways men could use their Christian faith to drive their goals, leadership and action. Are you a man?  Want a challenge?  Man Up! Sunday mornings would never be the same.

We feel the faith muscle needs regular exercise. Your wife/girlfriend/significant other is not here. If you’re awesome, say it.  But if you’re hurting, you can say that too.  The body is like a barrel.  The outside is your education, money and health. The inside is your faith and soul. Barrels that are full don’t crack when tested.

By 2017, Man Up had grown. Eager to take their study beyond the walls of their church classroom, Bill and a group of class regulars, Steven Titch, Robert Cocheu, Michael Cropper, Kyle Trahan and Earl Lloyd started a weekly podcast. Along with Bill, each brought a unique talent and background to the show.

We’re not pastors, just regular guys. We bring different points of view to a scripture lesson and hash them out in a panel discussion. We strive for authenticity in representing what Christian men are thinking.

Between January and June 2022, we release 26 video podcasts that aired in Atlanta, Ga., on WYGA-TV in Atlanta, and worldwide the Preach The Word Worldwide Television Network streaming platform. All 26 programs are available at No Church Answers! YouTube channel.

In September 2022, we adapted ot TV show title to our podcast, to unify our media products and better reflect the spirit of of Christian discussion. The No Church Answers! podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, Acast and most other podcast platforms. The lead dog needs to be fed. That’s what we do at Man Up.