A Weekly Roundtable Bible Discussion for Men

Welcome to No Church Answers! the weekly Christian podcast for men. We’re not pastors, just regular guys looking to model positive Christian leadership in our work, families, church and communities.

We believe all men are leaders – in their family, workplace, church and community—and we believe Biblical scripture is a priceless guide to becoming better men–leaders who are strong, competent, caring and who can model living in the Spirit.

We don’t preach, we question and discuss. We all bring different faith backgrounds, traditions and points of view. Our podcast is for men who want to know more about what the Bible actually says, who want to understand scripture in context and want to discover the relevance it has in daily life.

The No Church Answers! Crew

Not pastors, just regular guys

What No Church Answers! Believes

Faith is a muscle that must be exercised.

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